Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An open letter of thanks

For friends, family, bosses, lovers, peers, colleagues and formers of all (well, except parents, because I don't have any former parents.)

We tend to show appreciation and gratitude for positives, for good fortune, for successes. But I have learned through the course of my life that it's usually the negatives that do a better job of shaping people and events. Well, shaping me, at least.

So for all the turmoil, disappointments, turbulence, tribulations, falsehoods, untruths, half truths, let downs and shenanigans that I have so generously been showered with over the years, I thank you all.

Because if it weren't for those experiences, I don't think I would have learned patience, tolerance, self reliance, forgiveness, tenacity and pure independence. Not to mention truthfulness, loyalty, sincerity, reliability and helpfulness. Give your word and keep it. Help people out and pay it forward. Pay attention when people speak - listen actively. Live, don't just exist. Be genuine.

I'm going through one of, if not the, most challenging times of my life these days. But I know I'll survive and prosper. And I will be eternally grateful to those who, through their actions and inaction, showed me just how resilient I am. Thank you for building me up.